[MSCW List] Stiff crank

Jmccombs3 at aol.com Jmccombs3
Wed Nov 8 02:53:45 CET 2006

Maybe someone knows the answer to my problem.  I have a very stiff crank.  
That is, I mean to say, Kansei ('90 Miata) has a stiff crank.  That is, the 
window regulator.  Well, anyway.  It has been getting progressively more difficult 
to wind up the driver's side window over the years.  This is particularly 
true in the up direction, although the down direction does not exactly fall into 
place due to gravitational attraction.  I seem to recall replacing the cable 
mechanism in the right side door/window assy. a few years back, but I don't 
recall if there is some treatment (lubrication, whatever) which may fix this 
problem, and I'm too lazy to try to look it up.  Any suggestions?  (Please keep it 
cleaner than my "stiff crank" symptoms noted above.)
          --Jack M. & KANSEI--
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