[MSCW List] portable cd player

Bill mscw
Fri Oct 6 19:42:12 CEST 2006

Quoting Terri Benton <tbenton at comcast.net>:

> Nick and Eric,
> Thanks for the alternatives but my husband would freak over an MP3 or IPOD.
> He loves cds so what can I say? He is  mechanical but not cyber savvy...he
> leaves that up to me.  Frankly with all the cds we have I don't relish
> downloading music from them or other sources to an IPOD. I guess I am at
> that age when an IPOD does not really appeal to me....lol. I keep up with
> all the latest/greates for my computer but not for music.

If he's mechanical have him remove and rip open the in-dash CD player  
and clean the lens. If the CD player will accept discs and act like  
it's playing or trying to play, but the music is choppy or the player  
jumps tracks or it just ejects the disc, it's your most likely  
culprit. That's been the story for me on a couple of players.

  - Bill

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