[MSCW list] Who is on the big MSCW list?

Bill mscw
Tue Dec 5 16:34:57 CET 2006

Quoting "Nugent, David W CIV AAUSN FMD" <david.nugent at navy.mil>:

> All,
> So who is on the big MSCW list (there are ~400 subscribers)?  What type
> of cars do you own and the type of events are you interested in.  I will
> kick it off:
> Name    ----    Vehicles   ----   Interests

Bill Stuart --  RX-7's, four of them. Two FD's, Two FB's.

My main interests are driving fast, and teaching others to drive fast  
without hitting things and hurting themselves or others. :-D

I enjoy road racing and autocrossing, and the occasional car show. As  
long as they are all rotary-powered. ;-)

  - Bill
    SRX7 #77 & #79 (for sale)

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