[MSCW list] Mystery Miata

dlane at peabody.jhu.edu dlane
Mon Dec 18 19:35:33 CET 2006

Thanks for the help.  Another list member was kind enough to suggest I 
look on the door stickers to see if the sports suspension was listed.  
Turns out the sticker on the passenger's side door shows it, so I'm 
thrilled to find out my car has it.

According to the Grassroots Motorsports article, the sports suspension 
was an option in 2002, but many of the elements involved--except for the 
Bilsteins--were made standard in 2003.  They give two possible colors for 
the Bilsteins (blue was one; I think brown the other).  I don't recall 
yellow being mentioned in the context of a 2002 model, though.

Whatever is on there, the car changes directions faster than a squirrel 
on caffein.

Thanks again for the help.

David Lane

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