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Thu Mar 1 01:31:40 CET 2007

RE: The dragging brake:  I dunno if the later Protege brake configuration is 
the same as that on earlier Miatas, but I suspect so, since the Protege is 
just a fancy name for a 323 and the 323 and Miata have a lot in common.  Anyway, 
I concur with the sticky parking brake diagnosis.  Our '92 Miata has had this 
problem from time to time.  However, it's not necessary to spend $$$ for a new 
caliper - at least, not till you try freeing up the old cable linkage at the 
caliper.  Pull the wheel off on the offending corner for access (ours was the 
right).  Grab the linkage with a pair of Vise-Grips or the like, and squirt a 
lot of anti-rust penitrant into the area.  Let it sit for a while  Work the 
linkage back and forth while squirting more penitrant into the area.  After ten 
or fifteen minutes, the linkage should be free again.  If you have another 
person handy, have them try the parking brake from inside the car, while you 
watch from the outside to make sure the cable retracts as it should when the brake 
is released.  I've done this with our '92 twice now.  After the first time, 
it lasted for a few weeks and I had to do it again.  After the second 
treatment, it's lasted for several months now, with no sign of sticking or binding 
              --Jack McCombs--
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