[MSCW list] Rollbars for new (NC) Miata / MX-5 /

Nugent, David W CIV AAUSN FMD david.nugent
Tue Mar 13 14:32:01 CET 2007

It turns out AWR Racing actually builds the rollbar and I have provided
a link to their racecages.com for additional pictures.
http://www.racecages.com/gallery.html  AWR Racing builds the roll cages
for the MX-5 Spec series so they have plenty of experience.  

However, if you really want to see what an MX-5 looks like down to its
unibody shell and the actual rollbar attached in question, then please
visit this link below:


Photos were provide by AWR Racing to look at how their rollbar attaches
to the MX-5.  Note the petty bar for when there is no passenger in the
right seat.  

The beautiful and tight design of the folding top on the MX-5 has made
it extremely difficult to attach any sort of bracing in another plane to
the hoop itself.  The bolt in, bolt out petty bar may be the solution.  


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