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I have four Toyo Proxy RA1 tires.  Free, to a good home.  Three in real good shape, one getting down close to the bars.  Great for autocross or track days.  They are 205-50-15s.  Anyone with 15" Miata wheels can use these.  Contact Ron Osborne at ronosbo59 at comcast.net or call at 410-721-7142.  

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> 1. MAX-30 MSCW Autocross - Update (Nugent, David W CIV AAUSN FMD) 
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> Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 12:48:01 -0400 
> From: "Nugent, David W CIV AAUSN FMD" 
> Subject: [MSCW list] MAX-30 MSCW Autocross - Update 
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> There is space available for our autocross, MAX 30 next Saturday, 
> morning and afternoon sessions, please consider joining us. Guaranteed 
> to have a lot of fun or your money back. Plus, I think there is a Mini 
> VS. Miata challenge being tossed around. Come watch fellow members beat 
> the pants of the Mini driver. 
> This is the last autocross for the 2007 season. 
> I appreciate it as there is a bunch of work performed by the volunteers 
> to make the event happen. 
> Regards, 
> Dave 
> Dave at MSCW.com 
> Registration OPEN for Mazda Autocross (MAX-30) - Saturday, October 13. 
> -- Autocross timed and fun runs 
> -- Loads of seat time behind the wheel, usually six+ runs for each 
> session, 12+ for the day 
> -- Morning, Afternoon or Both sessions available 
> -- By dividing the group in half means less wait time between run groups 
> -- Prince Georges Stadium (Bowie Baysox), Bowie, Maryland 
> -- Non-Mazda owners welcome to join us 
> -- Rollbars are not required for the autocross 
> -- Entire registration process can be completed online, no mailing 
> required 
> Start your engines for Mazda Autocross (MAX-30) on Saturday, October 13. 
> MAX-30 will feature loads of seat time on a brand new course on the 
> Prince Georges Stadium (Bowie Baysox) parking lot, 16501 Ballpark Rd, 
> Bowie, Maryland. MAX-30 is designed for you to sharpen your skills while 
> having fun applying your improved seat of the pants knowledge to full 
> course runs. 
> MAX events are renowned for how many runs you receive on-course. While 
> the heats are timed, MAX events are designed for fast, safe fun. 
> All experience levels can participate. Non-Mazda owners are welcome to 
> drive with us as well, bring a friend. 
> We have divided the event into morning and afternoon sessions to reduce 
> wait times between runs. Traditionally, participants receive either six 
> runs in the morning or six in the afternoon. If you want to run all day, 
> 12+ runs, then you need to sign up and pay for two sessions. With quick 
> course manning transistions between run groups, we have had 8 runs in a 
> session. 
> We have arranged for MSCW Instructors to be on hand during the event. 
> Plus, our display timer provides immediate feedback; real time results 
> so you can tell right away if the subtle changes you made in the last 
> run helped improve your score. 
> Autocrosses are timed events where drivers navigate one vehicle at a 
> time through a course marked by traffic pylons. Autocrosses emphasis car 
> handling and driver skill, vice sheer horsepower. Speeds usually do not 
> exceed highway speeds, but the activity level (measured in discrete 
> turns per minute) can be higher than even Formula One due to the large 
> number of elements packed into each course. Autocross courses are 
> typically 50 to 70 seconds in length and clearly marked. Autocrossing is 
> a good way to learn vehicle control applicable to daily driving. 
> Fees: $27 for MSCW members, $32 non-MSCW members, $5 helmet rental. The 
> fee covers one session, either morning or afternoon, usually 6 runs. An 
> all day option is available for 12+ runs, but you will need to pay for 
> two sessions. Indicate "Both" on your application. 
> We welcome non-Mazda owners to participate in the autocross as well. 
> Visitors are invited to see what goes on at a MAX event. 
> Questions, MAX coordinator is Dave Nugent at Dave at mscw.com. 
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