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Eric Miller gofast42
Sat Oct 13 15:57:35 CEST 2007


I've been very happy with the Falken Ziex ZE-512's we've got on the P5.
They're quiet, sticky, cheap, good in the rain, tolerable in some snow
(before we left VA, that is).  My only complaint would be the wear.  We
didn't get much life out of them, though, and that's kind of disappointing.
The good news is that they've replaced the ZE-512 with a new tire, the
ZE-912, and one of the main improvements is apparently tread life, so I
think it's worth a shot.  I've bought from both Vulcan Tire and Edge Racing
and been happy with both experiences.  Vulcan offers a road hazard warranty,
which is not a bad idea in DC in the winter.
ZE-912 at Vulcan<http://www.vulcantire.com/cgi-bin/tiresearch.cgi?stock=820&f=ze912_t.htm>
Your tire size at Edge <http://edgeracing.com/tires/2055017/>

Happy zoom-zooming,


The OEM tires on our 2004 Mazda 3s 4-door sedan are about done.
> I subscribe to consumers' reports and they recommend several tires,
> which  do
> not offer a tire for the wheels on the car: 205/50/17.
> I'm looking for an all season, touring -- high performance tire that will
> last more than 30K miles and is comfortable and is not as noisy.
> suggestions appreciated.
> Regards,
> John Becker
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