[MSCW list] First time in these meetings

Nugent, David W CIV AAUSN FMD david.nugent
Wed Dec 5 22:58:13 CET 2007

John Duff is arriving early, I left a message that he should have a
small "MSCW" sheet of paper folded in half on his table.  Otherwise,
simply ask all the people in the room if they are with MSCW.  If you get
a big smile then you have hit the right group.  Should any MSCW members
see someone getting tossed out of the restaurant, please ask then if
their name is Max.

Seriously, the place is not that large.  Looking forward to seeing you
there.  Please join us.


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This is the first time in these meetings, how would I know/recognize
people from the club?




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