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How many miles do you have on your 1994 M-Edition?? I've noticed that higher mileage NA?Miatas (200K plus miles)?tend to have little things start going (which is usually?typical for used cars doesn't matter what make and model).? If you intend to keep your 1994 M-Edition Miata?for a long time, you may want to consider getting a replacement OEM part from the dealers if they still exist.? The Finishline website from Rosenthal Arlington Mazda, I believe, carries a the full?retractable power radio antenna setup in their current inventory of parts for NA Miatas.? I am buying OEM parts for my NA Miatas before they stop carrying them.? Good luck with your repair!

Albert Adaoag
1995 Merlot M-Edition Miata
1994 Classic Red C-Package Miata
1993 Brilliant Black Limited Edition Miata # 36 of 1,500
1984 Silver RX-7 GSL-SE

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I have a '94 M Edition Miata. A couple of weeks ago, as I started the car in
my driveway, the antenna mast jumped out of the rear fender along with the
mounting nut and plastic rack ? which seems to be intact.? Attempting to
reinstall the mast and rack in accord with the 1994 Workshop Manual? has not
worked.? I can hear the antenna motor when I turn the radio on and off but I
can?t get anything to grab the rack and pull it down.

Any suggestions?

Bob Reinhardt
1994 M Edition Miata
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