[MSCW list] Water Drains 2006 Miata

Thomas C. Lewis thoschas
Sat Jun 14 16:21:41 CEST 2008

Bought it in November, 2005.  Several times in the last year after heavy
rain, I found an inch or more of water in the passenger compartment floor
pans.  Took it to Brown's Alexandria Mazda for service, mentioned the
problem, and they replaced the drains and tubes on the warranty.  Also
replaced the floor mats.  They said the drains get clogged with pollen and
leaf debris.  Not sure if the replacement drains were a modified design.  I
moved here from out of state.  Had a good experience with service at this
dealer.  I had a terrible experience the one time I went to Rosenthal Mazda
in Arlington.  

Tom Lewis

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