[MSCW list] Hi Mileage RX-7 gas mileage

Bill mscw
Wed Jun 11 16:29:48 CEST 2008

Quoting Bill <mscw at stuart5.com>, 06/11/2008:

> [...] It's been a while since I've
> daily-driven an FB (though I will again), but I seem to recall
> averaging 18 MPG in mixed driving. I think I still have the logs on my
> bookshelf. I'll look this evening.

HA! I forgot I still have them on my Palm Pilot! (Which many years  
later has morphed into a Treo 680, but the data is continuous since  
about 1996!)

During 1997-1999, a red 1985 GSL was my daily driver. My commute was  
about 10 miles on a faster four-lane surface street (York road) with a  
few stop lights and traffic. So it's probably fair to call it "mixed"  
driving. The car had 195,000 miles and the original engine when I got  
it. The catalytic converters were /horribly/ plugged. It wouldn't go  
over 50 MPH. I cleaned them out (leaving the main cat alone as it was  
fine). I never did any service more serious than spark plugs. I  
really, really liked that car and always drove it like I stole it  
until an idiot rammed me at 35 MPH and destroyed it.

Tossed the numbers into OpenOffice.org spreadsheet and pulled out an  
average of 18 MPG over those three years, 70 tanks, and 20,000 miles!   
(Standard deviation is only a significantly small 2.14 MPG for you  
data geeks. ;)

So, yes, I think something is wrong if you are only getting 12 MPG. :(

  - Bill
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