[MSCW list] Recommended service shop?

Christopher Jewell cdjewell
Mon Jun 21 22:59:21 CEST 2010

Sorry if this has been asked before umpteen times, but can anyone
wholeheartedly recommended a service shop in Arlington? I used to take my
car to PBC Automotive when I lived in Fairfax. It's too far for me to
consider now, plus it doesn't seem like they specialize in servicing Miatas
anymore. In the past I've taken my '96 M Edition to Joyce Motors and
Rosenthal Arlington Mazda for routine stuff without any issues. But my Miata
needs some TLC after a winter and spring of nearly complete neglect. I
really need to trust the technician who's going to be checking it out.

Thanks in advance,
/Chris Jewell

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