[MSCW list] CD player for MX-5

Byron Hurd mitch1238
Mon Oct 4 18:16:20 CEST 2010

Brand new OEM/OEM replacement CD players/changers are often available on
ebay. You'll be replacing the metal casing and components inside, but
keeping the faceplate most likely. We were able to locate a 6-CD unit for
our RX-8 on ebay for less than $70 a couple years ago, so it shouldn't be
too expensive.

As I recall, the satellite radio module simply plugs into the back of the
main radio assembly, so it should be easy to install while you have the unit
out of the car.

> I am trying to post to the mail list. If I am doing it wrong, I apologize
> but plead newbie status.
> I have a 2006 Miata and the CD player seems to have failed. I successfully
> removed the radio/CD player from the car but don't know how to proceed from
> there. Is it possible to simply replace the CD components within the big
> medal box or do you have to replace the whole thing? In either case, any
> suggestions on where to get the components (aside from the dealer)? While I
> have everything torn apart, I am considering adding in satellite radio. Does
> anybody have any knowledge of what is required? Thanks in advance for any
> help.
> Jerry
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