[MSCW list] More on Clutch noises

David Lane dlane
Wed Jan 19 01:42:41 CET 2011

I believe I have a similar situation to yours; a high pitched, squeal 
as the clutch is taking up--sounds like something metal clearing it's 

Our 2006 Acura TSX (78,000 miles, original clutch) has been doing 
that for about two years, although it is not temperature related.  It 
goes for days without doing it, then does it a couple times, then 
stops for awhile.  I worried about it for a bit, then started 
listening carefully.  It is not the sound of metal on metal, and it 
is not the sound of a bearing failure like a wheel bearing--more 
something vibrating quickly.  The high pitch means it can't be a very 
big something. 

I'm thinking it is a resonant vibration, and I agree it probably has 
to do with the throw-out bearing, or whatever holds it in place.  
Think of suspending a piece of metal and tapping it with a hammer.  
It would take something roughly the size of a throw out bearing to 
create that pitch.

The obvious question, then, is what to do about it.  My personal 
decision is just to live with it until it either makes you crazy, or 
starts to get worse.  At least that's what I'm doing.  

If you do have someone dig into it, let us know.  You are not alone.

Best wishes,

David Lane
dlane at peabody.jhu.edu
'85 GSL-SE (Cartech Turbo)
Info on the car at:

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