[MSCW list] MP3 Connection for 2008 MX5 Retractable

Bill Bien wrbien
Wed Jan 26 03:24:25 CET 2011

The "Media" button was meant for a hard-disk based music system called
"Phatnoise" which was marketed thru Mazda dealers at one time.  I believe
that it is no longer available.

I use an xcarlink unit in my 2006 MX-5 Miata Grand Touring w/Bose audio to
play MP3s from a USB drive (also uses SD cards) as well as providing a
standard 3.5mm audio line in jack for iPODs and generic MP3 players.  It
does not provide controls for the iPOD or MP3 player but, hey, that's what
the passenger is for ;-).

When you play MP3s from a USB drive, the controls on the steering wheel can
be used just as if the USB drive were a CD changer and the display indicates
track/time as if the music folders on the drive were CDs.

Here's where I got mine some years ago (looks like they still carry them):


Installing the unit is fairly straightforward but it does involve pulling
the radio out to plug the unit in.  I mounted the "black box" interface in
the glove box where it's not visible and would be easily removed, if needed.

Shoot me a private email if you want more details.

As for Bluetooth, I think xcarlink makes these as well but I'm not sure
they're available for the MX-5 version of the unit.  Personally, I prefer a
BT headset or clip-on speakerphone as I can easily move it from car to car
when needed.

Good Luck!

Bill Bien
'06 NC Miata GT Premium Pkg
'08 Mazda3i Sport

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