[MSCW list] JR supercharger rattle

Martt Harding kartracer119
Wed Feb 9 05:14:01 CET 2011

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> 1994 1.8 with rattling Jackson Racing SC.
> No performance issue, just noise.  When fully warmed-up no rattle.
> At cold start up I can make the noise disappear by gently placing a fingertip on each red (indented) part of the logo.  Magic?
> Should I "fix" (it's only noise) this?  I have read that there are plastic parts in the nose of the SC that can be replaced.  OK, but engine was completely rebuilt and SC added just over 3K miles ago.  Not much time for wear.
> Ideas, suggestions?
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I didn't see any replies, so perhaps I can help.   My '97 uses an Eaton 
M45 and was originally a JR installation which I subsequently converted 
to coldside.   But the blower is unchanged.   Part of the reason I went 
away from the hotside installation was excessive noise which I think was 
due to too much flexibility in the mounting approach.   A couple cracked 
mounting brackets increased my concern.

By "indented part of the logo" I'm guessing you're referring to the 
pressurized-air output manifold on the top of the blower.   If that's 
correct, I'd look first for a cracked mounting bracket or perhaps a 
loose mounting bolt.   Look especially carefully at the small "L" 
bracket at the firewall end of the blower which secures the blower 
housing to the cylinder head.

There are a few parts in the nose of the blower, in particular a 3-pin 
flexible coupler from the input shaft to the drive gears.   It can wear 
but I doubt that's the problem.   You can also get noise from a 
defective bearing in the nose of the housing, but that (in my experience 
anyhow) shows up as excessive noise up to several thousand engine RPM. 
  From inside the car, mine sounded as if the noise was coming from 
about where the windshield hoop meets the left-hand corner of the 
instrument panel.   You could also have lost the supercharger's oil 
charge inside the nose housing, but that's not likely.   You can't 
easily check it on a hot-side installation because the access plug is on 
the bottom of the blower nose housing; gotta remove the blower and turn 
it over.   If you take that route, Buick dealers have Eaton SC oil, it 
takes only about 6 ounces total.

If you'd like to continue the discussion and not bore everyone on the 
MSCW list, you can contact me off-list at kartracer119 at cox.net.



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