[MSCW list] Mazda CX7 as a family car?

lcollierhyams at cox.net lcollierhyams
Fri Jan 21 22:39:59 CET 2011

Hi All,

The wife is thinking of replacing the 06Jetta with a Mazda CX7. Do we have any of these in the club? 

I was thinking non turbo 2010-11. It appears to offer the same mpg as the Jetta with more space for two car seats and maybe 3 adults. Any thoughts or experiences? The other thought for her is a newer Jetta wagon (tdi?) and she nixt the mazda5 once she sat in it. Mazda3 is like a Jetta w/ a smaller trunk.

Also, I spent a few hours running through the configurations and options... it appears we have to go top end to match the Jetta standard options of sunroof / 5 level seat heaters / mirror turn signals / leatherette / dual zone climate control / 6 cd changer and etc. If so this puts us well out of our price range.

Re: rebates and incentives.. there are a few going on this month such as $500 owner loyalty, 0% apr - are these worth rushing out before 31 Jan, or will there be others? 

PS: if you want a laugh check out mazda dealer ratings online... one I read for Tysons was 0/5, Chantilly 1.6/5, Fairfax 4.9. These seem awfully unscientific, but entertaining.
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