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Conerg conerg
Tue Jul 26 07:06:47 CEST 2011

Having gotten an offer I couldn't refuse, I recently parted with my beloved, but very basic  '91 Miata and stepped up to an '03 with all the bells and whistles then available.  The only problem I've noted with the new one relates to the remote door and trunk opener.  In short, when I open the trunk (regardless of whether I do it with the remote or with a key) then close it again, the security alarm goes off.  I've noticed that doesn't happen if I unlock the doors first, but the owner's manual says nothing to suggest that this should be the case.  Similarly, if I open the passenger's side door with the key, then close it, the alarm goes off.  I can't imagine that either of these events is by design.  Has anyone with a similarly equipped Miata observed this peculiar phenomenon?  Does anyone know whether it's designed in, or just an electronic gremlin in my car?  It's annoying -- probably more to the neighbors than to me -- but not serious since pressing any button on the remote silences the alarm.


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   1. 2011 SE Car Show Winners and Thanks to Malloy and	Tyson's
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Thanks to all who attended Saturdays 2011 Summer Event, ~75 enthusiasts and 40+ 
azda's participated.  The Pot Luck culinary delights and parking lot displays 
ere outstanding.
2001 SE Car Show Winners:

tock Miata/MX-5: Ron Brown, blue 1990
odified Miata/MX-5: Doug Spelman, red 1994, supercharged

tock RX-7/8: Rodney Bright, black 1979 RX-7 
odified RX-7/8: Greg Thompson, titanium gray 2004 RX-8, supercharged

t-large: Greg Thompson, red 1972 RX-3 wagon
t-large: Mark Weller, red 1993 RX-7

nd Special Thanks to Malloy Mazda, Rosenthal Tyson's Corner Mazda, Jim Heintze 
nd MSCW for all the gifts and prizes.  
- Dave at mscw.com
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