[MSCW list] Used Softtop for sale

Jim Thill smracer
Fri Aug 19 18:19:38 CEST 2011

Black vinyl one-piece top with plastic window.  Do not know the manufacturer.  Condition is very good with a clear window.  I would estimate the top to be about two years old.  Very good top, buy NOT ?like new?.
This top is on a frame, which would make it easy for you to install, and you can keep your frame and latches.   $225 if picked up in Leesburg, VA, or $275 installed while you wait (takes about one hour).  No pictures available, but you wouldn?t buy it from just a picture anyhow.  
I will reply to first response and if it does not sell, I will move down the list in the order that emails are received.  I will be at Summit Point for the weekend, so I would not respond til Monday.

Leesburg, VA
smracer at verizon.net

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