[MSCW list] MSCW Digest, Vol 71, Issue 7

Larry Wilbur bossfrog
Fri Jul 8 19:49:07 CEST 2011

I just ordered and received a new top from Miata Top source. it's a Kee top and the reviews are very favorable. It looks to be a quality product and was shipped very fast. They also have a sale going on at the moment, and I think I got a very good price.

I will be installing it myself with the aid of several other Miata owners in the next few weeks. We were going to invite any interested people to attend the top party to help/watch or just hang out. We still haven't set a date yet, but if you have your top by then, we could do two Miata's the same day.


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> Hi - It's time for a new top. Anyone have recommendations on a vendor for a
> 2002 Miata MX-5 tan convertible top? What about install?  Thanks,
> Andrea

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