[MSCW list] NoVA Tech Session at Tysons Rosenthal Mazda - Monday 13 February 2012 -

lcollierhyams at cox.net lcollierhyams
Fri Feb 10 16:37:58 CET 2012

That's Monday! Our next tech session is Monday 13 February 2012. 

If you are on the fence about attending please note I need to report our numbers today.
We have about half a dozen folks signed up at the moment. We should have about 20-25 so please join in the fun. 
Those of you that have told me in person please send and email note so I can verify. 
All Mazda vehicles are welcome from the super racers to the banged up daily 
commuter.  - pretty exciting as several of us have some big jobs to tackle. 
This is a great chance for you to come out and 
learn a few things on your car or prepare your baby for the winter months! 
If you need parts get your orders to Dave in parts asap. His email is 
Daveinparts at aol.com and can be contacted directly. 
Come to Rosenthal Mazda (Tyson's Corner) Vienna from 6:00 
until 8:00 PM. There will be a lift fee of $10 which includes food (such as 
pizza and soda - In Dec we had a big seasonal spread!). 
The parts  department will remain open until at least 7:00 PM. Please, do not 
abuse Rosenthal's hospitality by arriving prior to 6:00 PM as they need time 
to clear out their day customers. You are welcome to buy parts prior to this. 
This is a great opportunity to raise your Mazda on a lift and perform 
minor maintenance with the help of professional mechanics and/or Club 
members. You will need to be an MSCW member to use a lift. You have the 
option to join on the spot. Bring your own tools and RSVP if you wish to 
attend. Visitors are encouraged to socialize and see what goes on. RSVP 
is required, those with reservations receive lift priority. 
NOTE: Tech Session participants should give serious consideration to 
purchasing parts from Mazda Dealer the night of the Tech Session to help 
ensure continued support. We have a discount parts account under my name 
set up by head parts man Dave. 
Regarding membership requirements for the event - on occasion potential 
new members attend the sessions and join on the spot. The lift fee 
can be paid at the session and you can become a member or update your membership 
as well. 
Recent projects have included brakes/pads/discs, rotations, all fluids, exhaust 
manifolds, window hardware, shock work, intake manifold cleaning, coolant hoses, 
l.collier hyams - artist musician professor - http://www.50manmachine.com - http://napolitano.georgetown.edu  - MSCW NOVA Tech Sessions Coordinator 

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