[MSCW list] (Modified) 1990 Miata for sale – looking to sell quickly!

David Collins floyd1212
Tue Feb 28 22:34:55 CET 2012

Hello all,

I have a ?90 Miata (approx. 165K miles) that is part-way
through the transition to becoming a track/autocross car.? Sadly, I have to come to the realization that
I will probably never finish the transition, and that it?s time for the car to
move on to a new owner who can take up where I left off.

The problem is, the car is now (very) overdue for its safety
inspection, but I can?t get it started to take it to get inspected.? One issue is that the battery is dead, but
even when I try to jump start it, the engine turns over, but there is no
ignition. At this point I don?t know if it is a fuel delivery problem, or a
spark problem.? I re-seated the plug
wires, which didn?t help, but I also noticed there is some oil build-up around
the fuel rail and the connectors to the injectors.? This is the first time since I have owned the
car that I have had trouble starting it, aside from some battery issues as a
result of not driving it often enough.

There once was a time when I would have figured out the
problem and fixed it myself, but now I live in a condo without a garage, so I
don?t have a convenient place to work on it.? And, since the car is parked in the public lot in front of my building,
the police have taken notice that the inspection is overdue, and have started
leaving me $40 reminders ? hence the sense of urgency in trying to sell it.? So, it?s time to finally let it go to a new
owner who can get it running again, and who may someday even take it to the
track for a day of good exercise under the sun.

The car was originally owned by my father who put 99% of the
miles on it commuting to/from work as his daily driver.? After he got his ?04 MazdaSpeed Miata, he
gave the car to me and I used it as a weekend car, but have not put many miles
on it over the years.

The car is still street-legal, and the last time I had it
inspected it passed both safety and emissions.? Here is a list of things I have done to the car, and some other known issues:

- Stock suspension replaced with KYB AGX
adjustable shocks and coil-over springs
- Sway bar bushings were also replaced with
- Light-weight 4-spoke SSR Type-X 15? wheels
- Falken Azenis 205/50R15 tires with good tread
- Carbotech track-ready brake pads ? stock
calipers and rotors
- Interior body panels and carpeting have been
- Radio and speakers have been removed
- Heat/AC controls are still in place, though AC
needs to be recharged
- Steering wheel, airbag, instrument cluster,
wiper and turn signal stalks are all untouched and are working
- Stock seats and seatbelts are in place
- All lighting and signals are working properly
- Top is in good condition (it is not the original
top) ? rear plastic window is a little cloudy
- Paint is *not* in good shape, and is peeling in
many places ? exposed metal is oxidizing, but no major rust-through
- Door sills are in good shape
- No oil leaks under the car
- Battery is only a year old, but is currently dead
- Driver-side window is slow, passenger-side
window doesn?t work ? cable actuator is ?off track?
- No modifications under the hood or to the

Pictures can be seen at https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/1680752/1/Miata?h=51508e

If you are interested in buying the car, you would need to
be able to tow or trailer the car home.? The car is located in Ashburn, VA.? Asking $1000.? Contact David
Collins at floyd1212 at yahoo.com or 703
309 6249.


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