[MSCW list] Miata NA Seat, steering wheel, Key Fob

jmccombs3 at aol.com jmccombs3
Sun Oct 20 02:55:47 CEST 2013

A few questions here:

1.    Looking for a match for the OEM fabric for the NA Miata seats, or a reupholstery kit with the OEM fabric, or replacement driver side seat with OEM fabric.  The standard OEM seats were upholstered with a very durable black fabric, but the durability only lasts so long.  In our "his & hers" Miatae ('90 & '92), the seat bottom fabric has developed several lateral tears in "hers" '92.  The dealer cannot provide the fabric or reupholstery kits.  Auto upholstery shops in the Fairfax area cannot match the fabric.  I left a msg with Jim Thill in Leesburg (who preps Miatas for racing - or at least used to) I have not yet received a reply.  I've seen a couple of OEM NA seats for sale on Ebay at an outrageous price ($900 +/-, with shipping).  I'd like to come up with something a bit less than that.  No, we are not interested in leather or vinyl reupholstery kits.  We want the OEM fabric.  Any suggestions?

2.    Much the same for the steering wheels in both cars.  The original leather wrap is getting rather deteriorated on the upper (normally exposed to the sun) surface.  I don't believe the wheels are available from the dealer any more.  I haven't checked into a professional recovering, as it would appear to be rather intricate, if at all possible.  Again, any suggestions?

3.    Anne's daily driver is her '92 suburst yellow Miata.  These were a limited issue car, and while the basic mechanicals were the same as other comparable Miatas, the color made them special.  The only extra that was provided, was a specal key fob with a yellow emblem.  Anne lost hers about a month ago, and the dealer cannot match the key fob.  Once again, any suggestions, other than scouting around on Ebay?  Yes, I'm willing to pay a reasonably exhorbitant price for such a thing, considering that "reasonably exhorbitant" is an oxymoron.

All suggestions for the above, will be appreciated.

                                                                     --Jack & Anne McCombs, '90 mariner blue & '92 sunburst yellow Miatae--

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