[MSCW list] NC Tires For Sale

Bill Bien wrbien
Tue Oct 29 01:41:57 CET 2013

I'm thinking about replacing the stock Michelin Preceda OE tires on my 2006
NC Miata Grand Touring with some all-season rubber to make the car more
year-round.  I'm just wondering if anyone in the club would be interested
in the take-offs.  The OE tires are the stock size (205/45-17) and have 10K
miles and ~8/32" tread depth with very uniform wear.  The car/tires have
been garage kept since new (1/2006) and have no checking or cracking or
other damage.  As far as price goes, I'm thinking $250 for the set of 4.

Any interest out there?


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