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Richard Nowinski redmiata98
Mon Dec 2 03:45:39 CET 2013

   Don't worry about it.  I have the same thing on my "10 Miata.  It indicates that the security system is functioning.  
    When I did my research on it, there was some chatter that it indicated the "secretly placed battery" was in need of a replacement.  I couldn't nail this down and finally dropped it as a plausible answer because I think they got that mixed up with the after market Lojack Car Tracking System.  (The Lojack module is placed into a secret location and needs to have its battery replaced periodically.  It uses GPS to locate your vehicle if it is stolen.  i had it on my first Jag because I was a bit paranoid about it being stolen.)

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> 2008 Mazda 3 security warning light keeps blinking when ignition turned off.  A problem, or normal?  Problem is I can't remember it doing it before, but maybe I just did not notice. Light goes out when car starts, and car runs fine. Wisdom welcome.
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