[MSCW list] NoVA Tech Session this Monday - 9 December - please rsvp asap

lcollierhyams at cox.net lcollierhyams
Wed Dec 4 19:12:37 CET 2013

Hi All, 
Our next Nova tech session is scheduled for the 9th of December. 
For many of us this is perfect timing to prep for long holiday trips to visit family and the winter months in general. 
Northern VA Tech Session, Rosenthal Tysons Corner 
Rosenthal Mazda Tyson's Corner 
Monday, December 9, 6:00pm 
Some thoughts on the event: 
1) We have to be out by 8pm so plan your project accordingly. 
2) You can arrive slightly prior to 6pm to get started, but do not interrupt 
regular business. 
3) Parts closes at 7pm. Contact Dave Banks Daveinparts at aol.com to order parts 
4) We have a set cap of 15 active MSCW member participants. Reserve your lift by 
contacting me at LCOLLIERHYAMS at COX.NET 
5) There is a mandatory sign-in waiver and a $10 'lift fee' that goes to food 
for the participants and 3-4 staff technicians. 
6) Be safe, helpful, and have fun.
7) Tipping Tysons technicians is acceptable 
Jobs performed range from fluids, brakes, tire rotations, plugs, wires, filters, 
electrical troubleshooting, body panels and other projects that can be completed 
within the 2 hour time frame. 
l.collier hyams - artist musician professor - http://www.50manmachine.com - http://napolitano.georgetown.edu  - 

President, Mazda Sportscar Club of Washington DC - MSCW NOVA Tech Sessions Coordinator - www.mscw.com

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