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Jay Wallace wallkatt
Sun Aug 17 00:50:47 CEST 2014

Does it let out a visible cloud of smoke when it starts, particularly after
sitting overnight or longer?  If it does, it could be just leaky injectors.
You can pull the fuel pump fuse while the engine is running to bleed
pressure from the fuel lines and stop it.  Kill the ignition, put the fuse
back in and wait a day or two before starting it.  If it starts fine
without smoke, then you probably just have leaky injectors.  The injectors
can be cleaned by a professional service (probably not locally) but it is a
PITA to get them in and out.

Otherwise, you could be starting the dreaded coolant seal o-ring leak.
(=new engine)  I have a pressure tester that can help find bad coolant
system leaks, but you already may be noticing that the coolant overflow
tank is overflowing or the coolant level is getting low.

Tip: if you do have to replace your engine, be sure to have the injectors
cleaned at that time if they haven't been cleaned in some time.

Other suggestions?


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I have a 1994 RX7 that I bought new. It has always been an fast starting
car. But not now. It takes many turns of the ignition key to get to start
and when it does it runs poorly for a second or two
I have had the spark plugs replaced and while the car is faster the
starting is still tough
Any ideas what's wrong

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