[MSCW list] free set of NB Miata seats, black cloth

Scott Winter sw126687
Fri Nov 7 22:44:44 CET 2014

A coworker of mine recently sold his Miata and has a set of stock NB seats taking up space in his garage. I have not laid eyes on these personally but he says they're in decent shape - passenger seat in excellent condition, driver's seat has some amount of wear on the outside bolster. He also has a set of fairly tight form-fitting seat covers to go with them.
This pic is not his, but he says they're this style:
These should bolt right in to any NA or NB Miata.

Seats are free for pickup in Hagerstown MD. Between my coworker and myself, we can arrange to get them relayed to my house in Falls Church, but if you want that done we will require compensation in the form of one case of good quality beer. Reply to me off-list if interested.


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