[MSCW list] Wanted: Mazda 3i Wheel Covers

Bill Bien wrbien
Sat Nov 8 21:55:57 CET 2014

I'm looking for a wheel cover for my daughter's '08 Mazda 3i with 15"
steelies on it.  She had an encounter with a dead deer in the road and the
antlers did a number on one of her wheel covers as well as the sidewall of
the tire.  The factory wheel covers are the 7-spoke variety with holes in
them at the 5 lugs.  She's not particular so a set of 15" wheel covers from
pretty much any vintage Protege or Mazda 3 would do.  Anyone got anything
lying around in the garage you want to get rid of?  Send me an email and
let me know what you've got and what you want for them.


Bill Bien
'06 NC MX-5 Miata GT6P

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