[MSCW list] MSCW Digest, Vol 119, Issue 4

Mark Goldberg mark
Sat Jul 25 18:45:53 CEST 2015

Regarding paintless dent repair, I have had that done to two different cars - my 03 Honda Civic and my 09 Miata. In the case of the Miata, a board in our garage had fallen onto the front fender. The dent was about 1-1/2" in diamater and 1/4" deep. It cost me about $95 and is perfectly clean - no evidence remains. It was done by a PDR specialist at Advanced Collision Technologies in Annapolis.

Several years ago I had a dent on the back-facing surface of my Honda's trunk lid. It was about 10" across and 2" high. A tech came to the house for this job and admitted that results would be good but not perfect, and I think that was accurate. Going beyond that would have involved a body shop and possible replacement of the lid.

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