[MSCW list] MSCW Digest, Vol 125, Issue 4

Jen Williams jen
Thu Jan 7 19:25:16 CET 2016

On the airbag light issue.... Not saying I recommend removing the functionality, but forever ago I replaced my steering wheel with a MOMO in my '90 and there's a nifty "kit" (consists of IIRC two wires and a connector) you can get that relays the sensor so that the dash light still blinks on startup as it should but removes the connection otherwise. Sounds fancier than it is, but works great. And despite obviously not having an airbag anymore I've never had an issue with inspection. The light blinks on just as the inspectors are trained to look for. It's probably been 10+ years ago now and still works fine. 

Also, a quick google of "NA Miata airbag light delete" comes up with all sorts of options. To save my life I can't remember any details on the jig I bought, but fellow way back member Fadi Tarapolsi put me on to it, so maybe he can remember. 

You know, for next time when you've scoured the entire earth and can't find a module. :)



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