[MSCW list] Resolution (I hope) of 2010 Mazda Check Engine Light on with code P2096 set

arete2012-mazda at yahoo.com arete2012-mazda
Thu Jan 14 14:08:14 CET 2016

My Vehicle: 2010 Mazda 3 L42.0L 

Bulletin: 01-024/13 
Last Issued: 08/22/2013 
Subject: MIL ON WITH DTC P2096 

2010 Mazda3 with 2.0L (LF) engine 
2010 Mazda5 with 2.3L (L3) engine 

Some vehicles may experience the MIL on with DTC P2096 (Target A/F feedback system too lean). This is caused by improper control logic of the PCM. 

In my case, a permanent P2096 code was set. There were no drivability or gas mileage problems. No other DTC code was set. My OBD scanner showed no unusual characteristics of the 02 and MAF sensors or of the fuel trims. Erasing the pending and confirmed P2096 codes would always cause the CEL to come back on after 10 minutes of driving. 

I disconnected the battery cables and touched them together to drain the ECU and reset it. After a few drive cycles the permanent code went away and has not come back. 

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