[MSCW list] MSM pricing advice

Henry and Keturah Collins henryandketurah
Sat Jan 16 22:06:31 CET 2016

After driving an NA Miata for 12 years (purchased used in '92 upon retirement from the Army), followed by a 2004 MSM for another 12 years, I think I'm ready to move on to something else...like an ND (Club w/MT). The problem is that I'm not sure how to establish a fair price for the '04, whether for a private buyer or as a trade-in.
My research thus far reveals a lot of variation among private sellers around the country, a result not only of location but also of the aftermarket mods these cars typically acquire, which tend to be ignored by pricing services like Kelley BB and Edmunds. Mine, for example, has FM's "Little Enchilada" kit, two extra alloy wheels, and a few other items. It's driven nearly daily to work (but is garaged there as well as at home), and has been maintained almost exclusively by PCB in Chantilly for most of its 115k-mile life. I should add that it has started to display evidence of rust beneath the titanium gray paint in that typical Miata spot just forward of the rear wheel opening.

I'd welcome comments from anyone with experience in the admittedly narrow MSM market segment.

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