[MSCW list] Gas Quality

Charles Saftner csaftner
Tue Jan 19 19:27:31 CET 2016

I have seen poor results with sheetz gas. Blown rotary engines at one event
(not mine thank God) but my old Nissan would go down to an inline 3 anytime
I put the crap in. Refill with anything else and the problem would go away.
On my Rx-7 my A/F meter would read low with it in. I use Liberty all the
time with no issues.


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> Just wondering if using gasoline from some of the low-priced stations like
> Hess or Liberty has any drawbacks?  Does anyone really know?  I'm buying
> premium for my ND wherever I buy it but according to gasbuddy.com there
> can be $ .20 or more difference with name brands.  I know it's not such a
> big deal with the relatively small tanks in Miata's but over time I'd
> rather spend the difference on a nice bottle of wine!  Also, does anyone
> anything about the gas AAFES sells at places like Ft. Myer & Ft. Belvoir?
> Thanks.
> mjk
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