[MSCW list] air bleeder screw on radiator 1988RX?

Terri Benton tbenton at comcast.net
Thu Mar 2 15:48:11 CET 2017

I have had my 88 vert since she was new (my 4th RX) and she  has 135K and in excellent shape. Had radiator hoses, oil pan and gasket replaced by local mechanic. All was well for 3 weeks. Last week I started driving and this god awful screaming buzzer went off. Never heard anything like it and it scared the bejesus outta me.. ADD COOLANT. No oil light or buzzer and the oil pressure its 60 and no leaks. Since they just flushed  and filled the radiator  I went right back home and checked the overflow tank. It was about half full  so I added a little. Checked the garage floor and nothing there from a leak. Back on the road and it did it again off and on and finally stopped. I was locally driving and my top speed was 45-48.  It didn't do it again for a few days and then yesterday did it again but after two times it stopped.  Went out this morning and it didn't do it. Thankfully found lots of same complaint on some RX forums. First thing they suggest is to open the  radiator  bleeder screw as there is probably air in there.  Sounds logical. Said the screw is on top of the radiator where the upper hose connects and I saw what I think they are talking about.  I have attached drawing of where the upper hose connects and a screw but not sure it will post? I have the service manual on my pc but nothing about the bleeder screw but found a drawing that looked like what I was looking for  and what I saw under the hood and that’s what I am attaching .

Also its  suggested to check the sensor connection...Where might that be?


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