[MSCW list] Reminder - Mazda Sports Cars of Washington Special Event #1 - Virginia Drive-Through Safari Park, June 20.

Timothy Metzinger mscw at lists.mscw1.com
Sun Jun 7 20:06:17 CEST 2020

A reminder - Mazda Sports Cars of Washington, DC, is having a special event - an all-day visit to Natural Bridge, VA and the Virginia Drive-through Safari Park.
We'll leave from the NVCC/NOVA Manassas parking lot at 8:00 AM on June 20th for three and a half hours/175 miles of driving on US 29 to the Charlotttesville area, where we will pick up I-64 Westbound to join the Blue Ridge Parkway South to US 60 West to Lexington, where we'll stop for food/fuel and then join US 11 South to Natural Bridge, arriving around 12:00-13:00.  There's no "set" place for lunch, but there is Fast Food in Lexington and perhaps some "slow" restaurants with outdoor seating.   I will try and set up a reservation for the group as we get closer to the date, but no promises.

We'll have time at the park - be sure to buy your tickets in advance online at https://virginiasafaripark.com,  they're $26 per adult, and you might consider buying a bucket of food for $5 as well.

The group event is officially "over" once we arrive at the park, which means you are free to take your own route home on your own schedule (I-81 is convenient).  However, anyone who wants to come along with me is welcome.  I'm going to head Northwest to US220 , and follow it North us US48.

This all-day event is limited to ten cars total.  The Signup is at https://bit.ly/mscw2020-se-01  .  Please book by the 14th of June, but don't book a slot until you're sure you're coming and you've purchased your admission to the Safari Park.  Map is at https://midatlanticscenicdrives.com/maps.html.

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