[MSCW list] Benita Jenkins - Miata Radio

Jack Mccombs jmccombs3 at aol.com
Mon Mar 8 17:00:01 CET 2021

I’m not interested in a replacement audio system for our two Miatae, but Benita, if you still have your original Miata radio from your ‘92, I’m interested in buying it.  I recently bought a newer audio system from Crutchfield’s in Charlottesville, and it turned out NOT to be what I was told it was.  As with all newer audio systems, it is overly complex and exceedingly time consuming to learn, and way more complex than I want to mess with while driving.  I pulled it back out of the car and reinstalled my OEM radio after having it refurbished.  Jeff Anderson, who used to be an MSCW member and who now lives in FL, is an expert on refurbishing OEM radios from early Miatas.  So:  Bottom line, I’d like to have another OEM radio from a 1st Gen. Miata, as a backup in the event that my present radio develops some terminal illness that cannot be economically repaired. Please let me know if you’re interested in selling your OEM radio, assuming that you still have it.

Thanks -

--Jack McCombs--

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