[MSCW list] 2021 Group Drive #5 - Fort Valley Road - August 21, 2021

Timothy Metzinger tim.metzinger at outlook.com
Mon Aug 16 02:11:55 CEST 2021

Sorry for the late notice on this - it's been busy at work with lots of folks on vacation.  I'll post this on Facebook after it hits the email list.

This is our annual "drive fast" get-together.  We will leave the Walmart (Exit 6 on I-66 West) at 9:30 AM and head South on US340, then West on SR55 to Fort Valley Road, which is 14 miles of two lane zoned at 55 with occasional 45 mph spots.

As far as speed goes... This is not a race, and we'll want to keep the speed reasonable - maybe a little over the limit, but nobody should be going 70+ in the 55 sections.  The road is twisty and has elevation changes and is plenty of fun.  But this is not a drive where folks want to be held back, either.  So, to be courteous, if you're going to cruise gently, get in the back of the group. Be kind to those faster than you, if someone behind you signals they want to pass you by flashing their high beams, pull over when you can and wave them by.

The route is simple. You stay on Fort Valley Road. It will turn into Camp Roosevelt road and eventually you'll slow down to make it over the ridge. Even if you miss the point where the road turns, the "alternate" way ALSO ends up on Camp Roosevelt road. So you really have to work hard to get lost. After we come down the ridge, we'll make a right onto Egypt Bend Road and that will take us to US211.

We'll ALL wait at Cooter's (on the corner of Egypt Bend Road and US211) for the last car, and then we'll head West on US211 to New Market for an early lunch at the Southern Kitchen (which should have parking and seating for us though we'll be spread out amongst tables.  My daughter and I used to stop at the Southern Kitchen every year on the way back from Girl Scout camp, and the fried chicken and the pie were both outstanding.

After lunch, folks can head home however they wish - New Market is near I-81, or folks can get on US211 Eastbound to head toward Luray and Front Royal.   Anyone who'd like to take the Skyline Drive from US211 north towards Front Royal can come along with me.

Assembly - Meet at the Front Royal WalMart parking lot off I-66 West (exit 6) at 9:00 AM.  Be sure to have enough gas for the drive (about 60 miles to New Market).
Departure - We'll leave the WalMart at 9:30 AM
Time/Distance - About 60 miles to the restaurant, and about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  We should get to the restaurant around 11:15, before the lunch rush.
Car limits - this drive is limited to a total of 20 cars.  If you're not comfortable driving the back roads at speed, there's no shame in giving this drive a pass.

RSVP via signup genius at https://bit.ly/mscw2021-sc-5.  Be sure to indicate if you'll be joining the group for Lunch at the Southern Kitchen.
Visit www.midatlanticscenicdrives.com for maps and GPS files.

Drive safely and HAVE FUN,
Timothy (Tim) Metzinger
Scenic Drive Coordinator - Mazda Sport Cars of Washington, DC
tim.metzinger at outlook.com

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