[MSCW list] Set of Used NA/NB Rotors Available

Brett Rouillier bulldogsrruff at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 23:30:50 CEST 2021

A MSCW member kindly gave me this set of rotors that are in very good
condition. He took them off his NB Miata to upgrade. I needed to replace my
rusted NA rotors so I thought I would try the upgrade to NB. The gifted
rotors are from an NB so I thought the upgrade would be pretty easy after I
bought a full set of NB PowerStop calipers off RockAuto. However, the MSCW
member probably did not remember that his rotors were off an NB Miata WITH
a Sports Suspension, which are even larger. My NA front rotors are approx.
9.3" in diameter, the NBs are 10" in diameter, and a NA/NB with a sports
suspension are 10.6" in diameter, which are too big to fit a Standard NA or
NB. So if you have a NA/NB with a Sports Suspension and you would like a
set of OEM used rotors which I would be glad to give to you just to see
them put to good use, just let me know. I live in Silver Spring, Md but
would consider meeting you about half way.

Brett Rouillier
vze1fk4k8 at verizon.net

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