[MSCW list] poorly riding NC

Justin Hill justin.hill1965 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 05:12:07 CET 2022

Hello, I have what might be considered  strange request, but am wondering
if there is an MX5 guru in the DC vicinity who would be interested in
coming and driving my NC and telling me whether the suspension is
performing normally or not.  It is a stock 2008 hardtop with 40,000 miles
and to me it has a harsh crashy noisy ride with little absorption, yet
steering turn-in is disappointingly vague. The tyres are newish. I had an
NC previously and don't remember it driving like this.  Am worried that if
I take it to a shop, they will just sell me a bunch of upgrades that will
not potentially make much difference. I like driving it, but have little
mechanical knowledge.  Am located in Capitol Hill if someone was inclined
to drop by. Many thanks!

Justin Hill
Justin.hill1965 at gmail.com

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