[MSCW list] poorly riding NC

Robert Davis tragicallywhiteguy at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 7 22:58:52 CET 2022


   I have a beater-ish 2006 NC. My thoughts:

The NC1 2006-2008 is the softest Miata. If your reference frame is sport sedan or sports car: They're under damped and wallow a bit if you turn up the wick.
So: if you've been in a modern sedan, it's going to seem even more-so.
Also the base models IIRC don't even have a strut tower brace AT ALL. (club? and GT do)
Notes: It shouldn't be 'noisy' as far as suspension noise. To isolate that, take EVERYTHING out of the car / trunk / both glove boxes / both smugglers bins / tire iron / EVERYTHING OUT.
See if the 'noise' goes away. That said: rubber bushings and bump stops do age...

Turn-in: could probably be improved with a bit more toe-in at the next alignment. The car shouldn't hunt though. It should track straight and true.

I thought my NC-GT was wallowy and loose when I bought it. Then I bought an BMW M4. Then the NC was intolerable.
I upgraded the OEM Grand Touring Strut Tower Brace to the MazdaSpeed version - and that helped turn in and overall 'feel' a 'bit'.
Then I upgraded to FM stage II suspension, (Koni + Springs + sway bars).
This goes a long way towards taking the car from 'fun roadster' to 'sports car', but may be stiffer than what you're wanting.

I'm swamped this week, but may be available saturday to go for a test ride (weather and time permitting).
And I'd be willing to let you try my car as well.


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