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Wed Mar 9 19:45:03 CET 2022

John - I have had great results using a synthetic clay cloth, such as one
made by Nanoskin.  Clay bars are dinosaurs as compared to the Nanoskin
technology, not only can you feel the embedded particles through your
fingers for the proper pressure but the coverage is faster, easier and you
can wash the cloth out to remove embedded particles.  If you drop a clay bar
it is toast, the synthetic cloth can be washed.  Be sure to order the right
grade for light or dark paint and a lubricant such as Griots Speed Shine or
Meguiar's Ceramic detailer is necessary to prevent scratching.  

With all the time you saved using the synthetic cloth over clay bars, skip
the flimsily spray wax and invest in a good hybrid ceramic wax such as
Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax (Advanced SiO2 technology) and bring
back that wet deep shine on your Mazda.  Mequiar's does offer a spray
version of this product, but the liquid goes on and wipes off so easy and it
has been a while, I would use the liquid Sio2.  Turtle Wax also has a good
hybrid ceramic wax, both are inexpensive and provide incredible water
beading and deep shine.   One other thing, make sure your car is very clean
before the hybrid ceramic application.  


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Subject: [MSCW list] car spray wax recommendations

it's been two yrs since both or our cars have been thoroughly cleaned and
i have a bunch of liquid/paste wax products and i've decided in my lazy old
age to use spray car wax.
so the plan is next month to apply a clay bar, bug/tar remover and then
spray wax.
recommendations on what brand of spray wax is greatly appreciatedif anyone
wants the liquid/paste wax products i have, i may be able to get away and
bring to the april 6 club mtg in northern va thanks.

John Becker'04 - 3s'09 - rx8/r3 

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