[MSCW list] 2023 Scenic Drive #1 - Spring Tune-Up

Timothy Metzinger tim.metzinger at outlook.com
Tue Feb 21 22:56:36 CET 2023

With Spring upon us, it's time to start the MSCW 2023 drive season.  OK, we may have this drive one day early, but it's the thought that counts, no?   This will be a short-ish (2 hours or less) drive to help us get the rust off on a couple "fun" roads - Lime Kiln and Leeds Manor, along with some country cruising on US50 and US17.  There's also a linked signup for a gourmet brunch (for a smaller number of folks who are interested) when the "drive" is complete.  We went out and scouted these roads already, so we should hopefully avoid any unpleasant surprises in March.

We'll begin the drive at the Stone Bridge Parking Lot (at the East end of the Manassass Battlefield National park on US29), then head north to Braddock Road, then Northwest to US15, and north on that until we make a left on Lime Kiln Road.  At the end of Lime Kiln, we'll make a left turn onto Snickersville Road, and take that to Ed Fred Road where we'll head south to US50.  We'll pass through Middleburg and Upperville and then head South on US17 to Leeds Manor Road), which we'll take to VA55 before heading Eastbound towards Marshall.  We'll take a loop on Maidstone and Rectortown and then approach Marshall from the North, before turning East on VA55 to the Northern Fauquier Community Park, where the drive will end.
>From the park, it's a short drive West on VA55 to get on I-66, or you can head East on VA55 to reach Haymarket or Gainesville where you can pick up US15, US29, or I-66.

At the completion of the drive, I'll lead a group of no more than 16 total people (14 plus my passenger and I) down to Washington, VA (via Crest Hill Road, Hume Road past the Marriott Ranch, and US522), where we'll be have reservations at 1:30PM for brunch at Patty O's Cafe.  Patty O's is the latest creation from the folks who gave us the Inn at Little Washington.  It's definitely a place for folks who like fine dining.  But to set proper expectations, it's NOT inexpensive (plan on $40 per person), and seating is limited (which is why we're limited to sixteen total)  So there are two separate signups for this.  One will be for the drive (limited to 16 CARS), and one for the brunch (limited to 16 PEOPLE).   Of course, you are welcome to come on the drive to Washington VA and take a chance waiting for brunch (when we scouted this we waited an hour).   Also note that while I've started discussions, Patty O's has not yet confirmed availability, so the brunch location MAY change

Assembly - We'll assemble at the parking lot by thestone bridge that crosses Bull Run (off US29) at 9:30 AM.  There is food and fuel in Centreville on US29 less than five miles East of the park.  Please have an empty bladder and enough gasoline when you arrive
Departure - We'll depart the parking lot at 10:00 AM.
Time/Distance - The drive will take between 90 minutes and two hours, depending on traffic.  Mileage will be about 70 miles to Marshall.  There is fuel in Marshall.
Food - There is no meal planned as part of this drive, but you may find food in Marshall(the Old Salem Cafe and the Marshall Diner are both good), or if you want to sign up for the optional drive to Washington, use this signup link (https://bit.ly/mscw2023-sc-1-brunch)  Pay attention to the caveat - the location of the brunch may change!
Car limits - 16 cars for this trip.   If this drive fills up, a couple of extra slots may be made available.
Weather - This drive will be postponed a week if the weather is rainy or snowy.  If it's dry but temps in the 40s or higher. we'll have the drive even if we have to keep our tops up.
Technology-  I will bring five extra Midland GMRS radios.  If you want to bring your own GMRS radio, we will be using Channel 42 on Midland Radios, or 462.5625 MHz frequency and CTCSS 14 for the privacy code.  In Glympse, we'll use the !mscw_cruise tag to keep track of each other.

RSVP via signup genius at https://bit.ly/mscw2023-sc-1 for the drive, and https://bit.ly/mscw2023-sc-1-brunch for the brunch.  Don't use Facebook to indicate you're going.
Visit www.midatlanticscenicdrives.com/maps.html<http://www.midatlanticscenicdrives.com/maps.html> for maps and GPS files.

Drive safely and HAVE FUN,
Timothy (Tim) Metzinger
Scenic Drive Coordinator - Mazda Sport Cars of Washington, DC
tim.metzinger at outlook.com

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