[MSCW list] MSCW 2023 Destination Drive #1 - A Mission From God

Timothy Metzinger tim.metzinger at outlook.com
Sun Feb 26 03:22:43 CET 2023

"They'll never catch us... We're on a mission from God".

In 1980, John Landis directed a musical comedy film called "The Blues Brothers".   Building on the success of John Belushi and Dan Akroyd in Saturday Night Live, the film set several records, including the most expensive comedy ever filmed and the most outrageous car chase ever filmed with the highest number of cars destroyed.   The film became a cult classic and made it's budget back even before being released on video.  Featuring musical performances by James Brown, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and the Blues Brothers Band.  The band was built from a "best of" list of rhythm and blues players by Paul Shaffer (who had a previous commitment that kept him from appearing in the film).  I was fourteen years old when this movie came out, and my MOM had to take me to see it since I was too young to see an "R" movie by myself  (no worries, it's a fairly tame movie but does have some strong language).  Fortunately my mom was a musician and loved the film.

This movie is to music fans what "Airplane" is to aviation enthusiasts, and The Alamo Drafthouse shows it every year.  This year it will be shown on March 29th at their LoudonOne location.  Everyone is encouraged to see the movie (get your tickets at https://drafthouse.com/northern-virginia/show/the-blues-brothers?cinemaId=0501).  The movie will be at 7:15PM on Wednesday, March 29th, and we'll want to be at the theatre around 6:30 so we can get in, get seated, and order any food/drinks (no orange whips or dry white toast!).   I'll lead a group of no more than 20 cars on a drive up and along the Virginia side of Great Falls, past Chez Francois, and onto VA7 to the theater in LoudonOne.  We'll need to leave Silver Diner at 5:30 PM to get to the thater by 6:30 PM.  W will park in the lot or the garage to the north (the right) of the theater.  If you want to come on the drive (we won't be wearing sunglasses in the dark), Please buy your tickets and THEN sign up at https://bit.ly/mscw2023-dd-1.  But if work or other things mean you can't drive with us, please come to the theater directly.

Assembly - We'll assemble in the back parking lot of the Tyson's Corner Silver Diner beginning at 5:00 PM.  this is where we have our monthly meetings.
Departure - We will depart the Silver Diner no later than 5:30 PM.  If you are late, you'll want to just head for the theater (take VA7 to the Loudon County Parkway South and then make the right into the LoudonOne shopping center).
Time/Distance - We should take about 55 minutes to travel 23 miles.
Food - The Alamo Drafthouse serves you food right in the theater.
Car limits - 20 cars.
Weather - This will be a rain-or shine drive.
Technology-  I will bring five extra Midland GMRS radios.  If you want to bring your own GMRS radio, we will be using Channel 42 on Midland Radios, or 462.5625 MHz frequency and CTCSS 14 for the privacy code.  In Glympse, we'll use the !mscw_cruise tag to keep track of each other.
RSVP via signup genius at https://bit.ly/mscw2023-dd-1.  Don't use Facebook to indicate you're going.  Visit www.midatlanticscenicdrives.com<http://www.midatlanticscenicdrives.com> for maps and GPS files.

Drive safely and HAVE FUN,
Timothy (Tim) Metzinger
Scenic Drive Coordinator - Mazda Sport Cars of Washington, DC
tim.metzinger at outlook.com

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