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Control arms are a lot less scary than they sound. Probably take a long
afternoon to do all 4 corners. You would want to budget about $150 for an
alignment afterwards. For these historic cars (20 + years old now) you will
find it a lot more cost effective if you are willing to jump in and so the
labor on stuff. When I had a miata (sold last summer), I did the full
suspension shocks/springs, control arms, sway bars, and all bushings. I did
the convertible top, I replaced lots of the interior and put in a roll bar.
all of it takes time and tools, but, none of it is especially hard. I
personally draw the line at anything internal to the engine or transmission.

the big miata forum has lots of good walk throughs to see how to do it.

Bob Esser

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> Hi all,
> My 2001 Miata LS is getting long in the tooth and requires a bunch of
> repairs. I just got quoted $6k from a local retail repair shop, e.g.
> they're charging $1200 in OE (not sure if they're OEM) parts and $1100 in
> labor just to replace the front upper and lower control arms and only half
> the ball joints. The equivalent aftermarket parts are about $300 from
> partsgeek.com with all the ball joints. Granted the retail shop has a 3
> year warranty on parts and labor but partsgeek gives a 3-year warranty on
> parts for only $28 more.
> Anyone have suggestions on what to do? I'd like the car to last another 10
> years or at least until electric Miatas are available, but paying an
> equivalent of the car's value in repairs is very disheartening.
> I'm willing to bring the car within an hour's driving distance of Arlington
> if it will save me substantial cost for good quality work. Any and all
> suggestions are appreciated, thank you!
> David
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