[MSCW list] Mazda Repair Shop Recommendations in NOVA? (David Alvarez)

Robert Elwell robertelwell at verizon.net
Thu Mar 9 15:01:55 CET 2023


I do not have a repair shop recommendation, as I do my own work (for better or worse); however, i do wish to comment upon parts sourcing.  

Generally, I prefer to stick with Mazda parts - they fit and they work.  I have selectively purchased aftermarket parts with apparent good results (e.g., brake components, shocks, trim parts), but I have also bought aftermarket parts with which I was not pleased.  For example, I bought engine mounts that did not fit correctly.  I ended up having to do a little grinding to make them fit.  Yes, they were substantially less expensive than OEM, but the price savings were not worth the aggravation (they’re getting replaced when I pull the engine this summer).

Bob Elwell

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> Mazda Repair Shop Recommendations in NOVA? (David Alvarez)

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