[MSCW list] Change in how our group drives will be advertised

Timothy Metzinger tim.metzinger at outlook.com
Sat Mar 18 22:52:52 CET 2023

Because of a fair amount of confusion this year, I'm no longer posting our group drives on Facebook as "events".  All the previously scheduled drives will still take place as planned.

In the future, I will post the drive info here, then after a day or two I will post a short paragraph on out Facebook group page so that folks can find the signup genius (which has all the same detailed information as the email announcing the drive) and register.

That should help prevent the confusion about the limits on the number of cars permitted on the drives, and how to register for a drive.

Bottom line - the mailing list will get the drive information soonest, and the only way to register for a drive is to use the SignupGenius.  I'm hopeful that this will simplify things a bit.

Drive safely and HAVE FUN,
Timothy (Tim) Metzinger
Scenic Drive Coordinator - Mazda Sport Cars of Washington, DC
tim.metzinger at outlook.com

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