[MSCW list] 2021 Miata - Vacuum Hose Part Identification

Stephen di Girolamo digirolamosteve1 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 02:13:07 CEST 2023

Does anyone know the purpose of the short (about 1 inch long) rubber piece that covers the abraided portion of the passenger side vacuum hose that comes from the steel pipe at the firewall? At first I thought it was just a factory fix to an abraided portion of the hose perhaps damaged during production. But I have seen the same piece in photos of other Miata engines. The piece on my car is neatly split along the botton side with two ridges circling each end. It appears to just slip over the fixed vacuum hose and can easily be slid from side to side exposing the abraided area of the hose. I thought perhaps it was meant to act as  an easy to use way of defeating the vacuum pressure when adjusting something. But I would have expected a neat hole of some sort in the hose, not just an abraided area. Anyone know what this is and what it is for. Mine keeps falling off when I wipe down my hoses. So I put a loose clip on it for now?

Thanks, Steve

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