[MSCW list] Water Pump Inlet Gasket Leak

Ryan Connell connell.ryan at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 15:24:00 CET 2024

If this is the gasket I think it is, it's connected to a gooseneck pipe
that runs underneath the power steering pump (if you have power steering),
in a kind of inconvenient spot on the lower front left side of the engine.
It's a cheap gasket but it is a pain to access, 2 hours sounds right if you
don't have power steering, maybe 4 hours if you do.

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> My 1992 Miata developed a severe leak, which has been diagnosed as a water
> pump inlet gasket leak.I know its a $2.00 part, but have been told the
> labor is intensive - maybe 2 to 4 hour job???Does anybody have experience
> with this and how much labor is involved.???How much should this cost?

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